Combined Management Report

Abbreviated BMW Group Annual Report 2013.

Sales volume at new all-time high

The BMW Group sold a total of 1,963,798 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand vehicles during the year 2013, the best sales volume performance ever achieved in the Company’s history (2012: 1,845,186 units;+6.4%). Despite increasing volatility on many markets, particularly in Europe, the BMW Group retained its pole position in the premium segment worldwide. All three brands set new sales volume records. Sales of BMW brand cars rose by 7.5% to 1,655,138 units (2012: 1,540,085 units). In addition, 305,030 MINI brand vehicles (2012: 301,526 units;+1.2%) and 3,630 Rolls-Royce brand vehicles (2012: 3,575 units;+1.5%) were sold.

BMW Motorrad sets new sales volume record

The Motorcycles segment also achieved its best sales volume of all time in 2013, despite persistently difficult market conditions. In total, we sold 115,215 BMW motorcycles (2012: 106,358 units;+8.3%) worldwide.

Financial Services segment achieves best figures to date

The Financial Services segment again benefited from its attractive product range in 2013 and reported profitable growth. The portfolio of leasing and credit financing contracts in place with retail customers and dealers grew by 7.4% to a total of 4,130,002 contracts, the highest figure ever reported by the segment (2012: 3,846,364 contracts). Business volume in balance sheet terms grew by 4.2% to stand at € 84,347 million at the end of the reporting period (2012: € 80,974 million).

Profit before tax up on previous year

Group revenues decreased by 1.0% to € 76,058 million (2012: € 76,848 million). Despite increased levels of expenditure for future technologies, intense competition and higher personnel expenses, Group profit before tax rose by 1.4% to total € 7,913 million (2012: € 7,8033 million).

Dividend proposal envisages increase

In view of the strong earnings performance for the year, the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting to use BMW AG’s unappropriated profit of € 1,707 million to pay a dividend of € 2.60 for each share of common stock (2012: € 2.50) and a dividend of € 2.62 for each share of preferred stock (2012: € 2.52). These figures correspond to a distribution rate of 32.0% for 2013, unchanged from the previous year.

Workforce increased

The BMW Group’s worldwide workforce grew to a total of 110,351 employees at 31 December 2013 (2012: 105,876 employees;+4.2%). In order to satisfy the high demand for our vehicles and to be ready to tackle future challenges, skilled staff was recruited specifically for the development and production of new technologies, such as electromobility.

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Updated March 13, 2014