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The theme of Views 2013 is Touchpoints.

As a reliable corporate citizen, the BMW Group takes its responsibilities in society seriously. We also take a broad approach, considering the interests of stakeholders in our company’s success. This leads to many different touchpoints both inside and outside the company – with customers, shareholders, associates, suppliers and many others.

Views 2013 gives you an insight into the BMW Group, its premium brands and mobility services. Rather than doing so from just a corporate perspective, we invite you to experience the passion, energy and spirit that drives our associates to develop and produce the world’s best premium brands.

The success of the BMW Group is secured through our 110,000 associates, coming from more than 90 countries around the world. Many of them work in one of our 28 production sites in 13 different countries worldwide. Together, they make our company a leader in its industry. All of our associates are as unique as our products and they all have one clear idea in mind: to continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, whether it be for BMW, MINI or Rolls-Royce.

And who better than our associates to show you exactly what it is that makes our three brands so incredibly special? Despite their different styles, characteristics and features, each and every one is still unmistakeably part of the BMW Group. By showing our associates at work, we offer you a glimpse into how they team together to create driving pleasure.

These snapshots from behind the scenes show how each of our premium brands contributes to the vision of the BMW Group in its own unique way:

  • At BMW, sheer driving pleasure is the sum of countless perfect details – from dynamism and sportiness to engine and design.
  • MINI assertively translates the brand’s rich heritage to the 21st century: each model pays tribute to the brand’s origins, transforming them into a modern design statement that guarantees true driving fun.
  • Our Rolls-Royce customers expect individuality and total exclusivity. Rolls-Royce is an expression of supreme craftsmanship and the absolute pinnacle of luxury.
  • BMW Motorrad unveils its first pure electric scooter. Offering a new kind of emission-free driving experience, the C evolution opens a new chapter in urban mobility.
  • Our premium car-sharing programme and innovative services provide endless new possibilities for our customers. As the world’s leading provider of Internet-based in-car services, we cater to our customers’ needs for maximum convenience and safety.

In the coming pages, our associates will share with you their dedication and expertise, demonstrating that dynamism is not just a characteristic of our products, but also of the people who make them. This energy is born out of all our efforts to create the perfect product for each of our customers.

This will always remain our passion and this will continue to drive our thinking and actions into the future. Premium is at the heart of everything we do. Outstanding service is integral to a premium company with a clear focus on customers’ needs and expectations.

Norbert Reithofer

Norbert Reithofer
Norbert Reithofer
Chairman of the Board of Management