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The BMW Group offers you the possibility to obtain all corporate news free of charge via an RSS-Feed, by means of which a fast and uncomplicated transfer of the latest news is effected directly to your computer.

News-Feed subscription.

To subscribe to the news feed add the following URL to your RSS Reader:

RSS Readers.

RSS Readers utilise all possibilities provided by an RSS Feed. They check at regular intervals whether Feeds that have been subscribed to have been updated and subsequently download updates when required. Depending on the type of RSS Reader, different Feeds can be subscribed to and segmented into subject areas.

The RSS Readers available online in particular provide a varied range of functions that can be suitably adapted to the user’s own requirements. For examples of web-based RSS Readers click on “Further Information” located adjacently.

The BMW Group accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information given by external providers. Download and installation of newsreaders are carried out at one’s own risk.

Direct subscription to News-Feed
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